NFL teams will play five games outside the United States in 2019, and commissioner Roger Goodell said there’s room for more.

“The reality is that the demand for playing those games is greater than we have in the inventory,” Goodell told Sports Business Journal.

Four games are set for London and one for Mexico City. The Chicago Bears and Oakland Raiders will play in the first game abroad on Oct. 6 in London in a new soccer stadium also designed to host NFL games.

A limited number of games are available because most teams are unwilling to sacrifice one of their eight home games. That could lead to an NFL team being placed in Europe.

Goodell said that while he thinks a team would have fan and financial support there, it isn’t that simple.

“I have no doubt that the fanbase and the commercial opportunity is there (for a franchise),” Goodell said. “Can we do it competitively? Can we do it where our 32 teams can compete at a competitive level? And that’s critical. At the end of the day our game is our product.”