Antonio Brown’s agent said he had been in touch with Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock trying to heal the wide receiver’s relationship with the team.

Brown’s saga with the Raiders took another wrong turn on Wednesday when he and Mayock had an altercation, which prompted the team to make plans to suspend him, according to ESPN.

Brown’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, told NBC Sports he was trying to work things out with the Raiders.

“I think there’s been a lot of speculation,” Rosenhaus said.

“The reality is that we’re still talking through many scenarios. There has yet to be a suspension. Nothing is final yet. I’ve been in touch with coach Gruden, Mike Mayock. We’re doing our best to work this out. Trying to keep this relationship moving in a good direction again.”

Mayock did not elaborate on the situation when he spoke to reporters on Thursday.

“Antonio Brown is not in the building today. He’s not going to be practising,” Mayock said.

“I don’t have any more information. When we do, I’ll get it to you. That’s it for today.”

ESPN also noted that if the Raiders suspend Brown with the intention of voiding the $30.125million of guaranteed money in his contract, they could successfully dump the receiver, ending his time with the team.

As to whether Brown still wants to play for the Raiders, Rosenhaus said he believes so.

“I believe he does. I can’t speak for him, but in my conversations with him, he’s willing to honour his contract and play for the Raiders,” Rosenhaus said.

The agent said if it were up to Brown, he would play on Monday in the season opener against the Denver Broncos.

But can the two sides mend fences before then?

“I’m not optimistic that I can give you an answer to that right now,” Rosenhaus said. “If it were up to me, if it were up to Antonio, he would play. But there’s a lot of people involved who have to make that decision.”

Brown missed the first part of training camp due to frostbite on his feet from not wearing the proper footwear in a cryotherapy machine, and he then held out from practice as he filed two grievances against the NFL in an attempt to wear his outdated helmet.

The 31-year-old receiver recently voiced his displeasure over being fined nearly $54,000 for missing mandatory practices and walk-throughs and the Raiders sent him a letter saying his conduct was becoming “detrimental to the team”.