Report: Eagles DE Barnett won’t be suspended


Derek Barnett is unlikely to be suspended for his after-the-whistle, helmet-to-helmet hit Thursday that sent Green Bay Packers running back Jamaal Williams to the hospital on a stretcher.

ESPN reported Friday morning that Barnett could be fined but a suspension is not being considered.

Williams caught a first-down pass from Aaron Rodgers at the line of scrimmage and, as he turned in the left flat, was corralled immediately for no gain by linebacker Nigel Bradham. As the whistle blew, Barnett charged helmet-first into Williams, who appeared to immediately lose feeling in his arms. Bradham, with one hand on Williams’ facemask, drove Williams into the Lambeau Field turf.

Barnett walked over and appeared to say something to Williams, tapping his left shoulder pad as the Packers’ medical team ushered Barnett out of the way.