Rugby World Cup Betting Previews

The All Blacks vs Nambia. And the French opposing the Tongan’s. Two massively different games. The All Blacks have the power, the speed, the size, well pretty much the everything, if not THE everything needed to put up a cricket-like score on Nambia. They showed what they do to minnow nations last game when they put Canada under the burner to the tune of a 63-0 and eight tries to none score. That was Canada, Nambia are regrettably in for much, much worse. Whereas in the 2nd game, Tonga know how to fight a bit. Yes they may have lost 28-12 to the Pumas in their last pool game. However, they did bag two tries. And they did have the scores level at 3-all before England ran away with it in their opening game. They may well have learnt some lessons for that heavy defeat. France, just like NZ, are heavy favourites to win their game. However, unlike NZ’s opposition, Tonga should fight a bit more and make the match closer then expected. Enjoy these two games of Rugby.


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Sunday, October 6, 2019

All Blacks vs Nambia

Venue: Tokyo Stadium | Start: 3:45PM (AEST)

Let me start of by saying this, with all due respect to Nambia, this game under no circumstances will be close, this will be a humiliating result. If they (Nambia), can score a try or keep the margin within 90 points then they’ve done well. This will be possibly a history making scoreline, a murder perhaps? 

The All Blacks last match saw them slaughter Canada 63-0. 63-0! They scored eight tries to zero and owned 64% possession. That includes 68% in H1 and 60% in H2. They also spent 71% of the time in their opponents half. Famous dual-code player Sonny Bill Williams was among many of the New Zealanders to get in on the action as he crossed the white-line against Canada. They made 920m’s, had 172 carries, beat 46 defenders and had 35 clean breaks. In addition they also made 247 passes, created 21 offloads, missed just 13 tackles and won 102 rucks. This was the ultimate master class from New Zealand. And backing up what I said earlier, if they did this to Canada, then what on earth are they going to do to poor Nambia?!!!

Nambia were soundly beaten 57-3 in their last game against the Springboks. Throughout the match they had just 42% possession. And in the first half it stood at just 38%. They got outscored nine tries to zero! They made just 158m’s and beat just the nine defenders. Outside of that they managed zero clean breaks and had just three offloads. They gave the ball away 15 times and were forced to make 138 tackles to South Africa’s 77. They also had two yellow cards to their name and conceded 10 penalties. They were outclassed in every sense of the word. And this defeat doesn’t exactly inspire confidence headed into their game against the All Blacks. 

Head to Head: All Blacks $1.00 – Bet365
Win Margin: All Blacks 80+ $3.50 – Sportsbet
Handicap: All Blacks -70 $1.90 – Sportsbet
Total Points: The 2nd half will total more tries then the 1st $1.45 – Sportsbet

France vs Tonga

Venue: Kumamoto Stadium | Start: 6:45PM (AEST)

France turned on the motors as they beat the USA with ease 33 points to nine last time out. They scored the match’s opening try within just the six minute mark and from their they proved to utterly, utterly dominate the game at hand. For the opponents, they had zero tries and managed to kick just the three penalty goals, their only points of the game. Possession was pretty close as France had 56% of the ball throughout the match. And America had 44%. In H1 the USA actually had 55% possession to France’s 45%. Looking back though, it quite obviously didn’t matter much. France to their credit scored five tries and conceded none. They beat 32 defenders and had 140 carries of the ball. They also had 472m’s and made 14 clean breaks. For comparison, America had just the two clean breaks. France should win this match-up, but Tonga should make it a lot more closer then people will expect it to be.

Last game out, Tonga went down by 16 points to the Pumas, 28-12. Veainu bagged a double as he was a bright light for the Pacific Islander’s in the defeat. To Tonga’s credit though, they didn’t exactly make it easy for Argentina as they had 47% possession of the ball in both H1 and H2. In addition, they also scored two tries to the Pumas four. They beat 28 defenders, whereas Argentina only beat seven. They also made nine clean breaks to their seven. They gave away the ball only 12 times, whereas the Pumas did it on 18 occasions. They also missed just seven tackles, Argentina missed 28. A better side may have actually been able to beat Argentina in this match. But unfortunately for Tonga, it wasn’t to be them. Expect Tonga to keep it real against France, just like they did Argentina.

Head to Head: France $1.06 – Betfair
Win Margin: France 30+ $2.30 – Beteasy
Line: France -25 $1.90 – Sportsbet
Total Points: France will win the 2nd half by a total of 15+ points $2.30 – Beteasy