Rugby World Cup Preview Oct 13

Rugby World Cup Betting Previews

Four absolute cracking games in a final regular day of Rugby action. First up Namibia and Canada. Who ever wins, avoids last place. And who ever doesn’t, claims it. These two nations did well to get to the World Cup and at least one set of fans will see a first up win for their side at the World Cup. After them it’s USA vs Tonga. A similar scenario in which the loser finishes last. Tonga already have a point however, so a win or a draw will do it for them against the American’s. They only lost by two to France last match. So expect them to claim this one quite comfortably. Wales then need a win to top their group. Uruguay need a win to avoid finishing in the bottom. It’s a David vs Goliath battle right here. And finally in the match between Japan and Scotland it will produce an entertaining one. A win for either side and they go through. A loss for the Scots and they’re out. Ouch!


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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Namibia vs Canada

Venue: Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium | Start: 2:15PM (AEST)

Namibia are 4th in their five team pool. The team they are ahead of is Canada. A first World Cup win here and this small yet spirited nation will head home full of pride. However, a loss and they finish dead last. The match means nothing, yet it means everything. They have a PD of -141. The Canadian’s are at a slightly worse -163. 

Their last game was a 71-9 thrashing at the hands of the All Blacks. Namibia actually led early on in the game, but as expected were overpowered by the might of New Zealand. They had 46% possession throughout the game. In H1 it was 48% and H2, 44%. They did make 302m’s. That was along with their 15 defenders beaten and 13 clean breaks. However, some of their more concerning stats included 44 missed tackles and 19 turnovers. Doing that against any nation is bad, but the All Blacks especially so. 

The Canadian’s last match was a comprehensive 66-7 defeat to South Africa. Their sole try of the game came via Matt Heaton in the 46th minute and Peter Nelson converted it. In the 36th minute for Canada, Josh Larsen received a red card, this was something that definitely crippled them for the rest of the match. Possession wise, Canada had just 37% throughout the game, the Springboks, 63%. In the first half they held just 24% of the ball and in the second half they boosted it up to a more respectable 46%. There really is no sugar-coating this game. Simply put, one team, the victorious team, the team in the winners circle, will avoid the embarrassment of last place. These two teams will fight it out hard and that will make it worth watching.

Head to Head: Canada $2.14- Betfair
Win Margin: Canada 1-12 $2.90- Betfair, Beteasy
Handicap: Canada +1 $1.92- Unibet
Total Points: Canada will reach a total of 10 points first $1.85- Beteasy

USA vs Tonga

Venue: Hanazono Rugby Stadium | Start: 4:45PM (AEST)

USA’s 17 points against Argentina was a decent shout in their 30 point loss to the Pumas. They managed to cross the white line for three tries. Scully crossed for a double, while Lasike also got one. Surprisingly they had more of the ball throughout the match then that of what Argentina did. Overall they were at 52%. H1 saw them with 45% and H2 was at a big, big 61%. They beat 27 defenders and made 170 passes. They won five turnovers and 97 rucks. That was some of the good stuff from their game. Some of the less positive stuff included 48 missed tackles and 15 turnovers. They also ran for just 290m’s. Given that, the 47-17 scoreline was quite appropriate. It’ll be tough for them to beat Tonga. But if they were going to claim a win, now would be the time to do it, against the team on only one point. If they somehow managed to beat the Pacific Islanders, they wouldn’t finish last in their group, Tonga would. And so the plot thickens!

Tonga have a PD of -50, USA on the other hand are -92. That’s nearly double Tonga’s margin. It’s pretty simple here for Tonga, win or draw and they avoid last place. Just don’t lose to America and your all sweet. They pushed France right to the very, very end in their two point, 23-21 loss. Takulua, Hingano and Kapeli all scored for the spirited nation. Fosita’s 80th minute conversion made the scores what they were/still are. Tonga killed the possession game. They owned 61% of the ball overall, including 63% in H1 and 60% in H2. They actually outscored France tries wise 3-2 and beat 20 defenders. They turned the ball over just 11 times and won 10 turnovers themselves. They also won 89 rucks and 14 lineouts. There was plenty and I mean plenty to both like from and admire from Tonga in this game.

Head to Head: Tonga $1.57- Betfair
Win Margin: Tonga 13+ $3.30- Beteasy
Line: Tonga -5 $1.91- Bet365, Unibet
Total Points: Tonga will reach a total of 10 points first $1.53- Beteasy

Wales vs Uruguay

Venue: Kumamoto Stadium | Start: 7:15PM (AEST)

If Wales win, they top the group ahead of the Wallabies, it’s pretty damn simple, so with that in mind, you can expect the Welsh to thrash their opposition, because this opportunity is just to, to good for them to pass up on. Wales last game was a close and tensely fought 29-17 victory over Fiji. They conceded a try inside the games opening three minutes, but thanks to a three try haul to Adams, they claimed the win. Fiji pushed them all the way and were perhaps a tad unlucky not to claim anything out of the game. Throughout the match, Wales had just 40% possession. In the first half it was 45% and in the second half it was 35%. They scored four tries to two in what was a game that they should have won by significantly more then the 12 points that they did. However, with everything on the line this match, expect them to show Uruguay who’s the boss.

Given Georgia’s expected defeat to Australia, a shock win here for Uruguay would see them leapfrog them into 4th place and avoid finishing last in Pool D. Wales will still obviously claim a comprehensive win, but expect Uruguay to be competitive in this one. Their last match was a 45-10 defeat to the Wallabies. They scored the last try of the game through Diana in the 78th minute, much to the delight of the crowd and themselves. 10 Points vs Australia is very, very respectable for a lower-tier nation such as themselves. They kept the possession rates respectable as well as they had 48% of it throughout the match. H1 was 49% and H2 was 47%. They made 263m’s and had 105 carries of the ball. A big thrashing could be on the cards here, but seeing the Welsh play some comprehensive Rugby will make it worth watching.

Head to Head: Wales $1.01- Tab, Sportsbet
Win Margin: Wales 13+ $1.02- Sportsbet
Line: Wales -45 $1.91- Bet365
Total Points: 2nd Half will have the most total points in it $1.62- Bet365

Japan vs Scotland

Venue: International Stadium Yokohoma | Start: 9:45PM (AEST)

Assuming Ireland have beaten Russia before this game, Japan will need a victory to top Group A. Anything less will result in them being eliminated all together. Scotland need a win, especially if Ireland beat the Bears as expected. Basically, both teams need to get that W! What an entertaining game it should be! Japan’s last game was a 38-19 victory over Samoa. The four tries to one win was one that they needed to stay alive in the group. The possession for the match was split evenly at 50% all. In H1 Japan had 51% of the ball and in H2 they were at 49%. They made 433m’s and had 100 carries of the ball. They beat 32 defenders and made 135 passes. The ball was turned over just 11 times by them also. Close, exciting, frantic. All relevant adjectives being used to describe the amazing game we should witness!!!

Scotland, they desperately be needing the W as talked about before. Anything else and it’s more then likely a bye-bye to them for this tournament. Their last match was a 61-0 pummeling of Russia. Horne scored three and Hastings got a double in the absolute romp. Scotland owned 59% of the ball throughout the game. In the first half they had 58% of it and in the second half they had 61% of it. They scored nine tries to nil and made a hugeee 879m’s! They also beat 42 defenders and had 24 clean breaks. Could detail more, but they killed it this game. They went on a bear hunt and massacred everything in their sight!

Head to Head: Japan $2.56- Betfair
Win Margin: Japan 1-10 $3.85- Beteasy
Line: Japan +2 $1.92- Unibet
Total Points: 2nd Half will have the most total points in it $1.83- Bet365