West Ham United vs Tottenham Hotspur – Olympic Stadium

Jose Mourinho’s first game back in the EPL in charge of Tottenham was a special one (no pun intended) indeed as his seemingly rejuvenated side beat the Hammers 3-2 in a frantic, yet entertaining affair. The Spurs scored all their goals in a fantastic 13-minute period for them. First Son Heung-Min scored in the 36th minute. Then just seven minutes later Moura struck again. Come the 49th minute, Kane scored his 7th of the campaign to give his side a-three-goals to nothing advantage. Strikes to Antonio in the 73rd minute and then Ogbonna in the 96th gave West Ham some respectability. As it stands currently, the Spurs are 10th, although they are only two points of a European qualifying place. For the Hammers, they are 16th, although such is the tightness of the EPL this season that they are just two wins of a European qualifying place.

Tottenham held 53% of the ball, while West Ham were at 47%. The Spurs shot 6/15 on target, while the Hammers went 4/11. Both sides had three of their shots blocked each. The victors completed 81% of their passes, good for 380/471. Meanwhile the Hammers were at 78%, good for 317/407. Tottenham won 68 duels to West Ham’s 66. And they also won 27 aerial duels to their 22. The Spurs made 19 tackles, while the Hammers made 18. Tottenham conceded 14 fouls and West Ham 12. Could this be the start of something successful for Mou at Tottenham? Only time will tell.

Bournemouth vs Wolverhampton Wanderers – Goldsands Stadium

A close affair between the Wolves and the Cherries eventually saw Wolverhampton come out victorious to the tune of a 2-1 score-line. Moutinho struck first for either side in the 21st minute and just 10 minutes after that Jimenez had his 6th of the season as he doubled his sides advantage. Cook pinned one back for Bournemouth in the 59th minute of the match. Definitely not aiding the Cherries cause was a 37th minute red to Francis after he received a second yellow card. The victors are now in 5th place and are trying to fight Chelsea for that elusive 4th place and Champions League spot. While Bournemouth are 11th with four victories.

The Wolves had 53% possession and the Cherries were at 47%. Wolverhampton shot 7/17 on target. And Bournemouth shot just 2/9, they definitely shot themselves in the foot a bit doing that. Both sides had three blocked shots each. The Wolves completed 87% of their passes, 443/509. And Bournemouth completed 80% of theirs, 355/443. The Wolves had 71 long balls and the Cherries, 55. The Wolves had 21 crosses and nine corners compared to the oppositions 18 and five. The Wolves conceded 12 fouls and the Cherries 10. Wolves had one yellow and the Cherries, two.

Arsenal vs Southampton – Emirates Stadium

Wolves, Sheffield and Burnley are now all ahead of Arsenal. Bournemouth are only two points behind them. And Brighton, Palace and Newcastle, for them, it’s only three points each. Things are currently looking disastrous at the Emirates. And even more so after their difficult 2-2 draw with a relegation threatened Southampton side who have just 2 wins from 13 matches this season. Forced to come from behind twice, Lacazette scored in the 18th minute and then again with the incredible equalizer in the 96th minute, much to a muted crowd throughout the stadium. Perhaps he had brought Emery a stay of execution? Who knows? It didn’t stop the rumours from flying around though. Now Arteta and Henry are two former players being linked to the Arsenal managerial role should Emery be sacked soon.

Ings opened the scoring for the Saints away in just the 8th minute of the match. Ward-Prowse scored their 2nd in the 71st minute. Despite the draw, the home-side dominated possession with 61%. The Saints held just 39% of the ball. But even more surprisingly was the fact that Southampton had 21 shots at the Gunners goals, of which six landed on target. Arsenal shot 5/12 on target. Each side had four of their shot attempts blocked. Arsenal also had a shot hit the woodwork. The Gunners completed 83% of their passes and the Saints, 74%. They were 404/487 and 235/316 respectively. Arsenal won 79 duels to the oppositions 52. And 15 aerial duels to their nine. It’s trying times at the moment in North London, that’s for sure.

Brighton Hove and Albion vs Leicester City – Amex Stadium

Perez scored in the 64th minute and then Vardy finished the job of in the 82nd with his 12th of the season in the Fox’s 2-0 victory over Brighton. The result leaves Vardy’s side in 2nd. Eight points of 1st placed Liverpool and one ahead of 3rd placed City. Brendan Rodgers is doing an exceptional job with Leicester as they have nine wins and two draws from 13 matches played. As for Brighton, they are currently 12th on 15th points. As it stands, they are just four points of a European qualifying place. And they did alright in this one considering just how good the Fox’s are this season. It’s not going to get any easier for them though, with Liverpool their next opponents at Anfield. Yeah, good luck with that one.

The Fox’s held 47% possession, while Brighton had 53% throughout the game. Leicester shot 9/19 on target. That was while Brighton shot a pretty poor 0/7 on target for the game. Leicester had two blocked shots and Brighton three. The victors also had one shot come of the woodwork. Leicester completed 83% of their passes, good for 345/418. And Brighton were at 84%, good for 385/458. The Fox’s won 45 duels to 28. As well as that, they also won 11 aerial duels to nine. They made 17 tackles to 11 and won nine takeons to seven. Onwards and upwards the resurgent Fox’s continue to go.

Crystal Palace vs Liverpool – Selhurst Park

Firmino! Firmino! Firmino! If Liverpool win the EPL this season, he’ll be extremely hard to pass up for Ballon D’Or as just three minutes after Zaha had equalized for Palace, he scored the 85th minute winner with a fine left footed shot to increase Liverpool’s lead at the top of the table. As he’s been all campaign long, he proved to once again be clutch when it mattered the most. Sadio Mane had scored the Reds previous goal in the 49th minute. This was the Reds 12th victory from 13 matches as they sit atop the Premier League ladder with 37 BIG points. Palace are in 13th on 15 points. They are close to a European qualifying spot and at times this season, have been incredibly hard to beat.

Klopp’s men had 60% possession as Palace were kept to just 40% of the ball throughout the game. Liverpool shot 4/12 on target, while Palace were 6/16. The Reds had four of their shots blocked and Palace, three. Liverpool completed 82% of their passes, good for 416/510. And Crystal Palace completed 75% of theirs, good for 246/330. The Reds made 58 long balls to Palace’s 62. The crosses were equal at 25 each. Palace slightly won the corner battle, nine to eight. And Liverpool won 59 duels to their 51. And 24 aerial duels to their 21. This match was fairly well-disciplined as Liverpool gave up just seven fouls and Palace, the eight.

Everton vs Norwich City – Goodison Park

Norwich proved too strong and too good for an Everton side that struggled at home and has struggled in general this season. Cantwell scored in the 54th minute, with a right-footed shot as he was assisted by Pukki. The icing was then put on the cake by Srbeny in the 92nd minute of the game, as he scored with a left-footed shot. Pukki has now assisted or scored on/for nine goals this season. ‘Pukki Power’ to the max! The away side are now only one win of getting outside of the relegation zone. Although they have a horrible GD of -15. Everton are 16th and on just 14 points. Their season seems to be getting worse and worse. And seemingly long gone are the past days of Lukaku and then Rooney.

Norwich had 43% possession of the ball and Everton 47%. Norwich shot 5/13 on target. That number for Everton was 7/18. The victors had five blocked shots and Everton was at four for the game. Norwich completed 71% of their passes, good for 218/307. Everton was at a 76% completion rate, good for 305/401. The visitors completed 71 long balls and the home side were at 74. Norwich completed 15 crosses and Everton were more then double that at 33. The Carrow’s conceded 11 fouls and five yellows. Everton were at 12 fouls and three yellows.

Watford vs Burnley – Vicarage Road

Burnley tore Watford apart and it didn’t make for pretty viewings as they won with ease 3-0. Wood opened the scoring in the 53rd minute. Barnes scored again in the 82nd minute. And the damage was done in the 88th minute when Tarkowski found the back of the net, when he scored Burnley’s 3rd of the match. This was Burnley’s 2nd win in a row and from their past 10 matches, they’ve secured four victories and two draws. They are now 7th, ahead of the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham and United and they’re just a point of Wolves in 5th. Watford are dead last on just 18 points. And they have an equal EPL worst GD of -18.

Burnley owned just 38% possession throughout the match and Watford owned 62% of the ball. Burnley shot 5/11 on target and Watford were good for 4/15. Both sides had a shot hit the woodwork, while Burnley had three blocked shots and Watford, seven. Burnley created two big chances with the ball and Watford, none. Burnley completed just 64% of their passes, 158/248. And Watford to weren’t great at 76%, 302/396. Watford won 60 duels to the opposition’s 51. And also, they won 31 aerial duels to Burnley’s 23. Those were the major stats from this match.

Manchester City vs Chelsea – Etihad Stadium

City are currently 3rd and only a point of second placed Leicester after their close not-so-convincing 2-1 win over Chelsea. Consequently, Chelsea are in 3rd place and just two points of City. The Blues have eight wins from 13 matches. Kante opened the scoring for Chelsea in the 21st minute, while De Brune replied with fire just eight minutes later. Mahrez scored what proved to be the games final goal in the 37th minute. In the 77th minute Aguero was subbed of in favour of Jesus due to an injury. As a result of this injury, he is expected to miss many weeks of Football including the upcoming Manchester Derby.

Arteta recently has been linked to Unai Emery’s role at Arsenal. And while Manchester City have claimed that they believe he is good enough to be a top boss, if he were offered the position at the Emirates, they would first like him to finish the season of at the Etihad. That could prove complicated if Arsenal were to appoint a manager within the next couple of weeks, with them being the ideal one to finish of the season with them and continue onwards and onwards. Surely, they would have to release Arteta? Reports and rumours from sources such as the Daily Mail, Fox Sports Football, etc have all indicated different things. Needless to say, if he were to leave City mid-season, it would be a bit of a distraction and an unwanted one at that for the Manchester side.

Sheffield United vs Manchester United – Bramall Lane

They played crap, good then crap again as the Red Devils saw a brilliant second-half seven-minute period of time secure them a draw against Sheffield last round. In the 72nd minute, Williams scored, in the 77th minute, Greenwood scored and then two minutes later, Rashford scored in the incredible short period for United. For Sheefield, Fleck scored in the 19th minute, Mousset scored in the 52nd minute and McBurnie shot it into the right top corner in the 90th minute to get the home side a nice point. United are currently 9th and Sheffield 6th. Sheffield are playing some phenomenal Football at the moment and amazingly are only one point of a European qualifying spot.

United owned 59% of the ball throughout the match and Sheffield were at 41% possession. The Red Devils shot 5/11 on target and had four shots go of target. Sheffield shot 8/12 on target and had just one solitary shot not reach the target. United had two blocked shots and Sheffield the three. Each side created two big chances a piece. United completed 81% of their passes, 476 out of 587. And Sheffield were at 72%, 277 out of 383. United conceded 10 fouls and two yellows. Sheffield leaked 13 fouls and just the one yellows.

Aston Villa vs Newcastle United – Villa Park

Newcastle were beaten by Villa 2-0 last round. Hourihane scored in the 32nd minute for Villa and just four minutes later they doubled their margin with a goal to El Ghazi in the 36th minute. It was a high-octane attacking affair in which Villa shot the ball 17 times. Getting it on target eight times. And Newcastle shot it 11 times. Getting it on target the five times. Villa are currently 15th on 14 points. They’re only three points (a win), of a Top Ten position. Newcastle are 14th on 15 points. They are just one win of 6th placed Sheffield. They are a part, a big part, of the EPL’s massive tightness between many, many teams this season.

Villa had an incredible 62% possession of the ball and they kept Newcastle to holding just 32% of it. Each side had three blocked shots a piece and Villa had a shot bounce of the woodwork. Villa completed a great 87% of their passes, 425/490. And Newcastle completed just 78% of theirs, 229/294. Newcastle won 56 duels to Villa’s 46. And 20 aerial duels to their 18. They made 18 tackles to their 15 and won 11 take ons to their seven. Newcastle gave away nine fouls and Villa 10. Each side saw one yellow each.