Kitchens’ shirt choice could rile Steelers


The Pittsburgh Steelers got some more bulletin board material for inspiration as they prepare to host the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

A photo of Browns coach Freddie Kitchens wearing a brown T-shirt with the phrase “Pittsburgh started it” emblazoned in orange made the rounds on social media Friday night, referencing the fight between the two teams on Nov. 14 that resulted in an indefinite suspension for defensive end Myles Garrett.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that a Browns spokesperson said Kitchens’ children gave him the shirt “as a joke.” He wore it when he joined his family in seeing the Mister Rogers biopic, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” While he wore a jacket over the shirt, his jacket was unzipped far enough for moviegoers to see the shirt.

The Browns told Schefter that Kitchens hadn’t planned or it to be seen and “understands it’s not a good look.”

Friday was Kitchens’ 45th birthday.

Fred Rogers, the subject of the movie was a beloved resident of Pittsburgh, and a Steelers source told Schefter that Kitchens’ choice of apparel could be viewed as another act of disrespect toward the city.

The fight between the teams broke out at the end of the game, and Garrett ripped the helmet off the head of Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and swung it at him. In all 33 players and both teams were fined a total of $732,422.

Sunday’s game is a crucial matchup for both teams as they seek to keep their AFC wild-card hopes alive.