Six Nations Rugby Betting Tips

We have all your Six Nations Rugby tips and information right here for Round Three of the prestigious tournament. So that you can bet safely knowing that you’ve seen and highlighted all of the important information and statistics, before you’ve placed your bets.

On Sunday we have Italy playing Scotland at the Stadio Olimpico to open us up for the round. These two teams remain the only winless sides through the opening two games. Suffice to say Scotland will be looking to get back on board quickly, especially so after their tight seven-point loss to England. Scotland have already got this one wrapped up.

Next up it’s Wales and France versing each other at the Principality Stadium. France are undefeated so far. And Wales need another win. We’re primed for a big encounter here. Wales were unable to overcome Ireland last round, however. So, it remains difficult to see how they will overcome the French in this one.

Last but not least, on Monday we have England and Ireland at the Twickenham. Ireland have beaten both Scotland and Wales en route to two wins. They know how to overcome the opposition in close games. England are struggling more so at that. And they finally broke though to best Scotland 13-6 last round. No matter who wins this one, it’ll be highly entertaining that’s for sure.

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Six Nations Rugby Tips – Sunday, February 23

Italy v Scotland

Venue: Stadio Olimpico, Rome | Start: 1:15 AM

Italy – Italy are currently 6th and last on the table. They have a 0-2 record so far and the worst PD of all six teams by a significant margin, -55. Despite all that, they really fought hard against France in France last round, as they eventually lost a close 35-22 game. Not many would’ve expected Italy to push the French the way that they did. So props to them for that. They got outscored 5 tries to 3, as they owned 55% of the ball. In particular, they had 65% possession in the 2nd half. They ran for 461m’s, beat 23 defenders and had 8 clean breaks. They also completed 163 passes, as well as 16 offloads. They made 145 tackles and missed 25. They had 29 kicks in play, kicked 2/3 conversions and 1/2 PG’s. They gave up 10 penalties throughout the match. They showed a lot of fight in this one, nobody can deny them that.

Scotland – Scotland, just like Italy, are winless throughout their first two games of this Six Nations tournament. They currently have a PD of -14. They came oh so close to beating England last round, in their 13 points to 6 defeat. But eventually it was a late 70th minute Genge try to the opposition that sealed their fate. In the low-scoring affair, that was the only try scored throughout the entire match. Scotland owned 55% of the ball, including 65% of it in the 2nd half. They ran for 277m’s, beat 14 defenders and had 5 clean breaks. They made 81 passes + 2 offloads. They turned the ball over 20 times, but won 7. In comparison, the English turned it over just the 7 times. They made 83 tackles and missed only 5. They had 36 kicks in play and converted 2/2 PG’s, their only source of points for the match. They won 88 rucks and 3 mauls. They also won 11 lineouts and 2 scrums. Outside of that, they leaked 8 penalties during the game. This was a case of what could have been and what should have been for Scotland.

Past History – Italy in their most recent Six Nations appearances, lost to Scotland, 33-20. They also lost to Wales 26-15 and Ireland 26-16. They were thrashed by England, 57-14. While they fought hard against the French, but went down 25-14. They’re a spirited nation indeed. Never afraid to play the big boys. For Scotland, they beat Italy 33-20. They lost to Ireland 22-13. They went down to France by 17 points, 27-10. They lost to Wales, 18-11 and drew 38-38 all with England in one of the most entertaining, recent affairs in Rugby history.

Player To Watch – Murray. He played a very durable 72 minutes last round vs Wales. In addition, he also made a strong 80 passes and had 2 try assists as well. He made 6 runs and was a key player in their 10-point victory. His ability to create for his own team-mates is something to watch out for, given he’ll be playing in what will more then likely be a commanding, blowout win. + Thankfully his defence won’t matter much (he missed 3/4 tackle attempts last game). Look for him to be a big player in a big win.

Head to Head: Scotland
Win Margin: Scotland 13+
Line: Scotland -7.5

Wales v France

Venue: Principality Stadium, Cardiff | Start: 3:45 AM

Wales – Wales have won 50%, 1/2 games so far, this Six Nations competition. As a result, they are on 5 points, in 3rd spot and have a PD of +32. Their last game was a 24-14 defeat to rivals Ireland at Aviva Stadium. Williams in the 27th minute and Tipuric in the 81st, were their two try-scorers for the game. They had 46% possession of the ball throughout the game and 50% of it in H2. They were outscored 4 tries to 2, as they ran for 232m’s. They also beat 22 defenders and had 4 clean breaks. They completed 150 passes, to go along with 13 offloads. They made 175 tackles and in-turn, missed only 17. They had 28 kicks in play, to go along with 2/2 kicked PG’s. They won 86 rucks and 4 mauls. Additionally, they also won 14 lineouts and 6 scrums. They gave up only 6 penalties during the match. Wales were strong for a fair portion of the game, but they couldn’t quite match-up to Ireland in the end. This may well be the game that costs them their chance at something great come the pointy end of the tournament.

France – France currently sit atop the ladder in 1st position, with 2 wins from 2 games. They have 9 points and also a healthy PD of +20. Can anybody stop them from claiming the whole tournament as their own? Playing at the Stade de France, it wasn’t always easy goings, but in the end they overcame Italy to win 35-22 in what was a highly thrilling affair. Ntamack opened the scoring in just the 3rd minute with a PG. Shortly after that in the 6th minute, they scored the games first try through Thomas. They had 45% possession of the ball + 53% of it in H1. They scored 5 tries to 3, as they ran for 462m’s. They also beat 25 defenders and had 12 clean breaks. They made 127 passes and 16 offloads. They completed 168 tackles and missed 23. They had 34 kicks in play, they also won 87 rucks and 3 mauls. They were victorious in 13 lineouts and 2 scrums as well. Will it be their attack, or their defense, that wins them their next affair?

Past History – Wales beat France 24-19 and Italy 26-15. They beat England as well 21-13 and Wales 18-11. And they beat Ireland with ease, 25 points to 7. That was in their most recent Six Nations tournament. For the French, in their most recent appearance in the prestigious tournament, they lost to Wales 24-19. They also got thrashed by England, 44-8. They beat Scotland 27-10, but lost to Ireland 26-14. They did beat Italy 25-14 though.

Player To Watch – Dupont. He completed 78% of his tackles last round vs Italy, good for 7/9. That will come in very, very handy in what is expected to be a close game. He also made 50 passes and ran for 89m’s. He had 1 try assist, 2 clean breaks and 4 offloads. Evidently, he’s able to do it on either side of the field + he beat 3 defenders. He played 71 minutes last round and will need to do so again this time around. His array of skills should be on show in this encounter and will also need to be on show in this encounter, to give his side the best possible chance of beating Wales.

Head to Head: Wales
Win Margin: Wales 1-12
Line: France +6.5

Six Nations Rugby Tips – Monday, February 24

England v Ireland

Venue: Twickenham Stadium, London | Start: 2:00 AM

England – England have 1 win from 2 games, with a PD of 0, as they sit in 4th place, within the Six Nations ladder. They did well to rebound from their RD1 loss to France, as instead of losing by 7 points, they beat Scotland by 7 points, 13-6. In a crucial moment of the game, Genge scored the game’s only try in the 70th minute, to open things up a bit. That essentially won them the game. Previously the scores had been locked up via a PG to each side. England owned 45% of the ball overall + 55% of it in H1. They ran for 220m’s, beat 5 defenders and had 2 clean breaks next to their name. They made 66 passes. They also completed 148 tackles and missed only a small 14 attempts. They had 50 kicks in play, 1/1 conversions, 2/5 PG’s and 0/1 drop goals. They won 56 rucks and 8 mauls. They also won 10 lineouts and 8 scrums. They gave up only 6 penalties. England need to be able to escape close situations better in order to put them selves under less pressure down the track.

Ireland – Currently they are 2nd, behind only France, as they’ve won 2/2 games. They are on 9 points + they have a positive 17 PD. Last time out, in RD2, they beat Wales 24-14 at Aviva Stadium. They scored the games first try via Larmour in the 19th minute. They owned 54% of the ball, including 58% possession of it in H1. They scored 4 tries to 2 and ran for 322m’s. They beat 17 defenders and had 11 clean breaks. They made 157 passes, as well as 6 offloads. They turned the ball over 9 times, but won 6. They made 131 tackles, but missed 22. They had 26 kicks in play + they won 107 rucks and 2 mauls. They also won 10 lineouts and 1 scrum. During the game they leaked 10 penalties. Could Ireland perhaps be the team to challenge France for the mantle of the best? We’ll have to wait and see how they perform in this one first.

Past History – For England, continuing the theme of recent Six Nations results, they beat Ireland 32-20 and France 44-8. Two strong wins. They went down to Wales, 21-13, but killed Italy, 57-14. They also had a highly entertaining 38-all draw with Scotland in there as well. For the Irish, they lost to England, 32-20, but beat Scotland, 32-20. They beat Italy 26-16 and France 26-14. They were thrashed by Wales also, 25 points to 7.

Player To Watch – Heinz. He completed 100% of his tackles last round vs Scotland last round, good for 7/7. The veteran who currently plies his trade for Gloucester will need to do what he does best in this one. Against Scotland he played just 58 minutes and perhaps didn’t have as big of an impact on the game as that of what he intended to. A rebound performance will be much needed against a side that is as strong and as talented as the one they are facing.

Head to Head: England
Win Margin: England 1-12
Line: Ireland +7.5