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Here is your coverage of Round 6 of the new and reformed Super Rugby competition. We have everything you could possibly need in regards to your Rugby betting tips, information and news, so that you can make the most informed, well-thought out choices, when placing wagers on this illustrious competition.

On Friday all of the Sunwolves, Reds and Waratahs will be desperate to claim wins against the likes of the Brumbies, Crusaders and Chiefs respectively, in order to get their season up and running. They will all lose and probably quite heavily at that. So if your a fan or supporter of the latter three teams mentioned, then I’d definitely recommend tuning in.

Then you have the Blues playing the Hurricanes and the Lions playing the Rebels on Saturday. Both the Blues and Lions need wins. They are slowly falling out of touch for finals berths. They will show their desperation in these two clashes, no questions asked.

On a Sunday the Sharks play the Jaguares. These two teams both have good if not great records this season. So them playing one another should produce a simply great Super Rugby clash. Then its the Bulls up against the Highlanders. Both teams stink this season and will be playing like they have nothing to lose. Expect a closely contested game here.

Bring …… it …… on!!!

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Super Rugby Tips – Friday, March 6

Crusaders v Reds

Venue: Orangetheory Stadium, Christchurch | Start: 5:05 PM

Crusaders – The Crusaders are flying high at the moment. They are on top of the NZ Conference with 3 wins from their opening 4 games. They also have a simply great PD of +45. In RD1, they crushed the Tahs 43-25. Then in RD2, they suffered a tight 25-15 defeat to the Crusaders. In RD3, they beat the Blues with ease 25-8. And most recently in RD4, they beat the Highlanders 33-13. That match contested at Organetheory Stadium saw them score 5 tries to 2, as they owned 55% of the ball. They also ran for 590m’s, beat 35 defenders and had 14 clean breaks. Along with their 28 kicks in play, they kicked 4/5 conversions. And additionally they won, 101 rucks, 1 maul, 12 lineouts and 3 scrums.

Reds – The Reds have had a shaky start to their campaign, as they are currently 3rd on the ladder. They have just 7 points and have won only 1/5 matches. Their season started of with two tight losses in RD’s 1 and 2. They were beaten 27-24 by the Brumbies and 27-20 by the Lions. They were then thrashed 43-27 by the Jaguares. They then dished out a trashing of their own, winning 64-5 vs the Sunwolves. And most recently at Suncorp Stadium, they were beat by the Sharks 33-23. They suffered the L, despite them posting 3 tries and owning 63% possession of the ball during the game. They made only 71 tackles and missed 12 attempts. They were also victorious in winning 73 rucks, 5 mauls, 14 lineouts and 5 scrums.

Past History – The Crusaders have won the past 7 games played between themselves and the Reds. The scores have been 22-12, 22-20, 38-5, 58-17, 57-29, 38-9 and 15-11. The most recent clash was contested at Suncorp Stadium in RD3 of last season. The Crusaders scored 4 tries to 2. And they also had 61% of the ball, in addition to running for 505m’s and having 157 carries of the ball. Before that, the prior match was also in Brisbane. Hall scored twice in the 62nd and 76th minutes, as his side came out with the tight 3 tries to 2 victory. That despite only having 42% of the ball.

Key Player – Tate McDermott with 5 tries. His average is 1 per game. The Reds will most certainly need all the attacking help they can possibly muster up in this clash.

Head to Head: Crusaders
Win Margin: Crusaders by 20+
Line: Crusaders -5
Total Points: 50+

Waratahs v Chiefs

Venue: WIN Stadium, Wollongong | Start: 7:15 PM

Waratahs – The Tahs are currently 4th and 2nd last in the Aussie Conference at the moment. They’ve won just 1/4 games and have a horrible PD of -40. Things can only really go upwards for them from here on in. Their campaign started with a heavy 43-25 defeat to the Crusaders. Next up they were smashed 32-12 by the Blues. They were then outdone 24-10 by the Rebels. However, most recently they finally broke through for a win, as they beat the Lions 29-17 at Bankwest Stadium. They opened the scoring through a Bell try in the 3rd minute of the game and sealed the result via a 77th minute Faulkner try. They only owned 39% of the ball, but somehow they still managed to score 5 tries to 2. All in all, they made 161 passes, including 15 offloads. They also turned the ball over just 10 times in comparison to the Lions 16 turnovers. They also won 53 rucks, 2 mauls, 10 lineouts and 6 scrums.

Chiefs – The Chiefs are currently 3rd in the NZ Conference. That is despite the fact that they have a 3-1 record and a PD of +32. They are also currently on 13 points. They started their campaign of with a close 37-29 win over the Blues. Next up they beat the Crusaders 25-15. Then in RD3 they killed the Sunwolves with a 43 points to 17 score-line. Most recently in RD4 they were upset by the Brumbies, as they went down 26-14 at FMG Stadium Waikato in what was their first loss all season. They mustered up just 2 tries and had only 3 clean breaks all match. They made a big 131 tackles, but also missed a further 29 attempts. They also won 81 rucks, 3 mauls, 16 lineouts and 7 scrums.

Past History – The past 6 clashes contested between these two sides have been split at 3 wins a piece. The Chiefs have won the last two games however. 39-27 And 46-31, both in NZ. The latest clash saw them score 6 tries to 3. That day they won 93 rucks, 2 mauls, 14 lineouts and 5 scrums. The match prior to that one, a combined 10 tries were scored. Tries were scored in the 15th, 31st, 41st, 43rd, 49th, 56th, 59th, 72nd, 74th and 78th minutes of the match. The Chiefs pulled this one out of the game despite only having 31% possession of the ball throughout the match.

Key Player – Kurtley Beale with 44 runs in total this season. His average is 11 per match. The Tahs are in for a tough encounter in this match-up. They’ll need as many men like Beale as possible to be strong and courageous in bringing it down the field for them if they’re to have a chance in this one.

Head to Head: Chiefs
Win Margin: Chiefs by 20+
Line: Chiefs -5
Total Points: 50+

Sunwolves vs Brumbies

Venue: Win Stadium | Start: 2:45PM

Sunwolves – The Sunwolves are currently 5th and last in the Australian Conference. They have a horrendous PD of -123. They also have just 1 win from 4 attempts so far this season. In RD1, they beat the Rebels 36-27. Then in RD3, the Chiefs destroyed them 43-17. RD 4 saw them go down 64-5 to the Reds. And most recently the Hurricanes made them their victims, as they won 62-15. In the embarrassing performance at McLean Park, they leaked in 10 tries, as they put up just 2 themselves. They ran for 221m’s, beat 11 defenders and had 8 clean breaks. They turned the ball over a high 17 times, which aided the Hurricanes in their pursuit of a big win. They did however win 8 turnovers. And furthermore, they won 44 rucks, 3 mauls, 12 lineouts and 6 scrums.

Brumbies – The Brumbies are the only real positive to come out of the Australia part of the Super Rugby competition so far this season. They have won 3/4 games, are on 13 points and have a healthy PD of +27. To start their season of with in RD1, they beat the Reds 27-24. They then beat Melbourne 29-26. They lost to the Highlanders 23-22 in cruel fashion at home. Then most recently in NZ they caused a huge upset by beating the Chiefs 26-14. The Brumbies scored 4 tries to 2 and made 3 out of their 4 conversion attempts. They also completed 157 passes, 10 of which were offloads. They made 139 tackles and missed 14. Additionally, they won 89 rucks, 3 mauls, 9 lineouts and 8 scrums.

Past History – The Brumbies have won all 5 of their clashes played against the Sunwolves. They have gone 42-19, 33-0, 41-31, 32-25 and 66-5. The latest of those was played in 2019, RD16 at the Prince Chicibu Memorial Stadium. That day, the Brumbies had 56% ownage of the ball and scored 6 tries to 3. They also ran for 420m’s, beat 22 defenders and had 16 clean breaks. The match beforehand, the Brumbies scored 5 tries to nil. And that was done with just 45% possession of the ball.

Key Player – Folau Fainga’a. He has a total of 25 points this season, which comes out to an average of 5 per game. In what should be a big Brumbies victory, his individual points tally in this one will be interesting to take note of.

Head to Head: Brumbies
Win Margin: Brumbies by 30+
Line: Brumbies -7
Total Points: 50+

Super Rugby Tips – Saturday, March 6

Hurricanes v Blues

Venue: Sky Stadium, Wellington | Start: 5:05 PM

Hurricanes – The Hurricanes are 2nd in the NZ Conference as things currently stand. They have been victorious 3 times from 4 attempts, have 13 points and a great PD of +39. RD1 they were rattled alright, as they lost 27 points to 0 to the Stormers. Next up they beat the Jaguares, 26-23. They then beat the Sharks 38-22. And finally at McLean Park last round they killed the Sunwolves 62-15. Van Wyk scored 3X times, as his side scored 10 tries to 2 overall in the utter thrashing. They also ran for 727m’s, beat 37 defenders and had 29 clean breaks. They made 77 tackles and missed only 11 attempts. They also had 14 kicks in play, as they made 6/10 conversions. Outside of that, they won 45 rucks, 2 mauls, 5 lineouts and 9 scrums.

Blues – The Blues haven’t had a bad season. They just haven’t been great. Currently they sit in 4th spot in the NZ Conference, with 3 wins form 5 games to their name. They are however on 13 points, the same number as that of the Chiefs and Hurricanes. In RD1, they went down closely to the Chiefs 37-29. They then beat the Waratahs with ease 32-12. Thirdly the Crusaders gave them something to think about in a 25-8 loss. And then Black saved his side with an 80th minute PG to give his side a 32-21 victory. Finally at DHL Newlands, the Blues caused a massive, massive, massive upset as they beat the Stormers with ease 33-14. They scored 3 tries to 2, as they owned a big 63% of the ball. They also ran for 429m’s, beat 37 defenders and had 12 clean breaks. They turned the ball over 10 times, but also won 7 turnovers. Won they did, 88 rucks, 3 mauls, 13 lineouts and 8 scrums.

Past History – The Hurricanes have won 9 of the past 9 matches against the Blues, dating all the way back to 2015. Last time out they edged them 29-24 at Sky Stadium. They scored 4 tries to 3, as the Hurricanes ran for 457m’s, beat 25 defenders and made 16 clean breaks. They also won 7 turnovers. The clash before that was at Eden Park, where they won 3 tries to 2, with only 40% of the ball in hand. They made an amazingly low 89 passes that day, but still claimed a W.

Key Player – Hoskins Sotutu. He has 31 tackles this campaign, with an average of 6.2 per game. The Blues have a very leaky defence so far this season. He will be critical in ensuring that the opponents get no easy chances in this one.

Head to Head: Hurricanes
Win Margin: Hurricanes by 13-17
Line: Hurricanes -3
Total Points: 50+

Rebels v Lions

Venue: AAMI Park, Melbourne | Start: 7:15 PM

Rebels – Such is the state of Australian Super Rugby at the moment, that the Rebels are in 2nd place in the Australian Conference, despite having a 2-3 record. They also have just 8 points and a PD of -14. In RD1, their season started of with a shock 36-27 defeat to the Sunwolves. Then in RD2, the Brumbies beat them 39-26. RD3 saw them break through and beat the Tahs, 24-10. Then in RD4 the Sharks proved to strong for them, as they went down 36-24. Most recently in RD5 at Forsyth Barr Stadium, they pulled one over the Highlanders to win 28-22. They scored the first 3 tries of that match, as they eventually went 4 to 3. They gained 499 m’s, beat 17 defenders and had 15 clean breaks. They completed 138 passes, included within those were 15 offloads. They also turned the ball over 15 times, but at least won 5 turnovers to help and partially make up for it. They also were victorious in 80 rucks, 4 mauls, 8 lineouts and 5 scrums.

Lions – The Lions currently sit in 4th in the South African Conference. They are struggling badly this season and their 1-3 record indicates just that. They have just 5 points and a PD of -38. Their season started of very disappointingly, with a 38-8 loss to the Jaguares. They then just escaped past the Reds 27-20. The Stormers then just escaped past them 33-30. And now most recently at Bankwest Stadium, the Tahs best them 29-17. They were outscored 5 tries to 2, despite the fact that they owned 61% of the ball. They lost the ball 16 times and only won 3 turnovers in return. They had 26 kicks in play and made 2/2 conversions and 1/1 drop goals. They additionally won 97 rucks, 6 mauls, 14 lineouts and 4 scrums.

Past History – The Lions have won 5 of the overall 5 games ever played between these two sides. They have won 36-33, 47-10, 20-16, 34-17 and 37-32. They seemingly love a close clash whenever they play each other and let’s hope there’s plenty more of that in this current encounter. The most recent affair played at Emirates Airlines Park saw them score the winner via a 81st minute Lombard PG. The tries were split at 5 a piece. While the Lions had the lions share of possession (no pun intended) at 70%. Before that it was 6 tries to 1, as they made a simply incredible 748m’s.

Key Player – Ross Haylett-Petty is making 7.6 tackles per game this season. He has 38 in total. Points could be a plenty in this one, which makes the defensive side of the game especially crucial to both sides. He will look to make a big impact for the Rebels in this one, in that regard.

Head to Head: Rebels
Win Margin: Rebels by 8-12
Line: Rebels -1
Total Points: 50+

Sharks v Jaguares

Venue: Jonsson Kings Park, Durban | Start: 12:05 AM

Sharks – The Sharks are ruling the roast at the moment. They have won 4/5 games, are on 16 points, have an amazing PD of +36 and they are 2nd more in the South African Conference. What more could you possibly ask for? In RD1, they every so slightly edged the Bulls out 23-15. Then in RD2 it was easy, easy, easy over the Highlanders, as they won 42-20. RD3 they suffered a bit of a heavy defeat, as the Hurricanes beat them 38-22. Then in RD4 they bounced back strongly with a 36-24 win over the Rebels. And most recently in RD5 at Suncorp Stadium, they beat and outlasted the Reds to the tune of a 33-23 score-line. They scored 4 tries to 3, despite them only owning 37% of the ball throughout the match. They ran for 320m’s, beat 12 defenders and had 4 clean breaks. They turned it over 11 times, but won 10 times. Some of their other stats/ and or numbers included winning 42 rucks, 3 mauls, 6 lineouts and 3 scrums.

Jaguares – The Jaguares currently sit in 3rd spot in the South African conference. They have won 3/5 games, are on 15 points and have an amazing PD of +48. In RD1 they punished the Lions, winning 38-8. They then just lost to the Hurricanes 26-23. They then killed the Reds 43-27. After that they lost 17-7 to the Stormers and last round, they beat the Bulls 39-24 at Lotus Versfeld. The 17-7 affair was a telling match and shows us more about the Jaguares then the 39-24 affair. Their sole try of the game came via Bruni in the 66th minute. They only had 45% of the ball and they turned it over a big 20 times. They completed 120 tackles, but missed 18 further attempts. They also won 7 turnovers and had 28 kicks in play. Additionally they won 61 rucks, 3 mauls, 13 lineouts and 9 scrums.

Past History – The Sharks have won 5 of their last overall 8 games played vs the Jaguares. However, the Jaguares have won the past two by score-lines of 34-7 and 51-17. Most recently it was a big 5 tries to 1 affair. Interestingly enough, the winners made more tackles 139 and missed more attempts 19 than that of the losers, 109 and 14. Before that it was an even worse 7 tries to 2. And they claimed the thrashing victory, despite owning just 36% of the ball.

Key Player – Santiago Carreras. He’s averaging 1.5 offloads per match this campaign and has 6 on the season. He’ll look strongly to keep the offensive flow going for the Jaguares. This could be a close encounter, so this sort of stuff may prove to make all the difference at the end of the day.

Head to Head: Sharks
Win Margin: Sharks by 11-15
Line: Sharks -1
Total Points: 50+

Bulls v Highlanders

Venue: Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria | Start: 2:15 AM

Bulls – The Bulls are 0/4 in the South African Conference right now. They have just a solitary competition point and have a -38 PD. To open their season of with, they lost 23-15 to the Sharks. They then lost 13-0 to the Stormers. The Blues then edged them out 23-21 in a very, very, very closely contested affair. Finally, the Jaguares beat them 39-24 last round. Their 2 point loss to the Blues was a real heart breaker though and that’s what’ll be talked about here. An 80th minute PG conversion from Black, broke the Bulls hearts in a game they did not deserve to lose. They were outscored 3 tries to 2, as they owned 43% of the ball. They ran for 249m’s, beat 15 defenders and had 8 clean breaks next to their name. They made an impressive 98 tackles and missed only 9. They also won 44 rucks, 5 mauls, 10 lineouts and 8 scrums.

Highlanders – The Highlanders are 5th and last in the NZ Conference at the moment. As things stand they have just 1 win from 4 games played. They also have just 5 points and a simply horrific GD of -47. If they want to be playing Finals Rugby this year, then they need to start winning some games ASAP. Their first game of the season was a heavy 42-20 defeat to the Sharks. Then they edged the Brumbies out 23-22. They were then brought back down to earth by the Crusaders in a 33-13 game and then the Rebels just ever so slightly beat them last week, 28-22. They were outscored 4 tries to 3, as they held 52% of the ball. They made 122 tackles and missed 17 attempts. They also won 8 turnovers, had 27 kicks in play and made 2/3 conversions and 1/1 PG’s. They won 90 rucks, 1 maul, 12 lineouts and 8 scrums.

Past History – The Highlanders have won 3 of the past 4 encounters contested between these two sides. Last time out however, a highly entertaining and thrilling draw was produced. A Visagie try in the 74th minute and the ensuing Pollard conversion meant that the game had a fitting end to it. The Highlanders scored 4 tries to 3. They also made 509 m’s to 383m’s. This was an awesome game to watch either live or on TV. Before that the Highlanders won 29-28. Again a thrilling finish to the game as Sopoaga kicked the match-winning 80th minute PG to hand his side the crazy victory. The Bulls lost despite having 68% of the ball. Ouch.

Key Player – Warrick Gelant. He’s getting 10.8 runs per game so far this season. In total he has 43. You need guys who aren’t afraid to run hard with the ball. And he fits that category perfectly. Look for him to make a big impact with the ball in his hands.

Head to Head: Highlanders
Win Margin: Highlanders by 5-10
Line: Highlanders -1
Total Points: 40-50