Devin McCourty is glad Tom Brady opted to join a team in the NFC after leaving the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Quarterback Brady won six Super Bowls and nine AFC Championships as he spent 20 years with New England in an astonishing era of success.

That came to an end with his free agency move to the Bucs, an outcome McCourty still finds odd to come to terms with.

Safety McCourty, who opted to remain with the Patriots as he also hit free agency, feels Brady has earned the right to end his NFL career on his terms, but is relieved not to be facing him on a regular basis.

“I found out about Tom leaving the same way y’all did. On Twitter,” McCourty wrote in an article for The Players’ Tribune.

“But I kind of knew when we got closer to free agency and he didn’t have a deal done that he wasn’t coming back.

“It’s still a little surreal because … it’s TOM, you know? He’s been here 20 years. He’s won six rings. He’s the greatest to ever do it. So it definitely won’t be the same now that he’s gone.

“But honestly, I’m happy for him. He’s earned the right to finish his career wherever he wants and chase whatever he feels like he needs to chase.”

McCourty added along with laughing emojis: “I’m just glad he’s doing it in the NFC.”

Head coach Bill Belichick will be tasked with retooling a Patriots roster that lost a host of senior players along with Brady, as McCourty cited the exits of Kyle Van Noy, Nate Ebner, Jamie Collins and Duron Harmon.

He added: “Let’s be honest: We’ve had it pretty good during my 10 years in New England. We’ve had Bill. We’ve had Tom. We’ve had a pretty consistent roster without a lot of turnover.

“That’s why this off-season feels so crazy. You see guys like Kyle, Nate, Jamie, Duron and others move on, and it definitely feels different. Especially with Tom leaving.

“It’s like you’re sad that these guys are gone, because you love them and those are your guys. But at the same time, you can’t help but be excited for them.”