Liverpool will not stop – Klopp vows champions will improve on stunning season


Jurgen Klopp has vowed Liverpool will not stop after winning the Premier League, with the manager insisting his team will continue to improve.

The Reds have enjoyed a sensational season and wrapped up their first English title in 30 years on Thursday when Chelsea defeated second-placed Manchester City at Stamford Bridge.

Having won the Champions League last season too, Klopp is overjoyed at Liverpool’s progress under his stewardship.

However, he does not see it as the culmination of his efforts, with the German stressing there is much more to come from his players.

“The last 13 months were pretty special for us, it’s true,” he told reporters.

“I would like to involve the year before because it was an incredible time in my football life. I didn’t experience it before – not that good – the consistency the boys show is so exceptional. 

“We will not stop, we really have to stay focused, because we see the opportunity. I will promise we will improve. 

“But this will not mean we will win everything, but that we will improve. City is exceptional, so I cannot promise that we will win something. 

“If you ask my team at Mainz, they worked hard. Dortmund as well. This group is a mix – we have a lot of world class players, but other clubs do too. 

“The consistency comes from the mix of determination, buying into ideas, attitude, character, personality. 

“That’s what makes this group special. They are confident because we won, but they are humble. If they stay humble, we have a good chance to be successful.

“It helped massively that we won the Champions League. It helps from a confidence point of view – from the nearly man to a winner. 

“We get a super push from our supporters, every two weeks we have the best atmosphere in football. 

“We have a good situation, we use our history instead of being held back by it. We will make sure we are still good from now on.”

Klopp knows with Pep Guardiola at City at a time Chelsea and Manchester United are looking resurgent, the champions will face fierce competition going forward.

“If you want to win the league, it’s pretty much not allowed to lose a game,” he added.

“City have never stopped since Pep was there. We will try not to stop, to improve, to make things special. Tomorrow we train, that’s how it is. 

“We have a common dream. We have big dreams. The more people dream the more important and stronger it gets. So we will not stop. 

“If you really go into detail, you’ll see we have been doing this for three, four years. The intensity was never less, we were not as successful. 

“The boys are more experienced, more convinced. But we know other teams are there and will do a lot to improve their situation. 

“There will be hard fights, and the hard fight starts now.”