Nick Foles praised the Chicago Bears’ defense for their ability to frustrate Tom Brady after he won a Super Bowl rematch against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.

The Thursday Night Football battle between Foles and Brady was the first time two NFL QBs had taken part in a Super Bowl rematch while both representing different teams.

Despite the Bucs racing out to a 13-point lead, it was Foles and the Bears who emerged with a 20-19 win at Solider Field that moved them to 4-1.

Foles also tasted victory over Brady when the Philadelphia Eagles faced the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, but defenses were more of a factor in this meeting.

Brady was sacked three times and pressured throughout, ultimately restricted to 253 yards and one touchdown as the Bucs, who fell to 3-2, racked up 11 penalties.
“Any time you can frustrate Tom Brady, it’s a great day, and our defense did that,” said Foles, who had an up-and-down outing with 243 yards, one touchdown and one pick. 

“I was really proud of our defense and what they did.

“It wasn’t an easy game by any means. It was a fistfight. We just kept fighting, kept fighting, and everyone just kept throwing punches. 

“I would say the big thing was we got to learn how to go through a fistfight like this and come out on top. You don’t want them every week, but if that’s what it takes to win every week, that’s what we’ll do.

“It reminded me of a good old fistfight from Philly. Now, I get to do it in Chicago. I really enjoyed getting in the locker room and celebrating with my team-mates. Everyone is really excited about the victory.”

Foles came into the game on the back of his difficult first start in a defeat at the Indianapolis Colts, having previously inspired a big comeback against the Atlanta Falcons after replacing Mitch Trubisky from the bench.

It was another mixed night against the Bucs, but head coach Matt Nagy felt the QB highlighted his “special traits” when he engineered two fourth-quarter drives which led to Cairo Santos field goals.

“All in all, the offense made plays when they had to and I think that’s one of the special traits that I think Nick has – that is who he is,” said Nagy. 

“The best part about all this that I’m super-excited with our players and our coaches is that we’re 4-1, and we know we can play a lot better.

“We’ve been resilient with how we’ve come through in different situations. There’s something special about this team. We find ways to win. It’s not always pretty; we totally understand that. But this is a big win for us.”

Khalil Mack had two sacks in a game for the first time since Week 3 of the 2019 season and had another chalked off for roughing the passer, with Brady visibly frustrated at times.

“I can’t really say what he was going through,” Mack said of Brady. “I just know that we smelled a little blood in the water.”