San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said season-ending surgery is an option for injured quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Garoppolo suffered another ankle injury as the 49ers lost 37-27 to the high-flying Seattle Seahawks in NFL action on Sunday.

The 49ers star was 11-of-16 passing for 84 yards and an interception prior to exiting the game.

Garoppolo suffered a high ankle sprain in Week 2, which forced him to miss two games, but Shanahan said his latest problem is “essentially a whole new one, just on the same foot”.

“When you have those high ankle sprains, you re-injure them a lot,” Shanahan said. “But it was different the way that he did it, so it’s basically doing it all over again in a different way… Whatever’s best for him, long-term, is obviously what we’ll decide on.

“But if he does need the surgery, then it’ll be all year; if not, then hoping six weeks, get a chance to get back at the end.”

Shanahan added: “I don’t regret bringing him back any of the times. Obviously, the way the Miami game went, if I could’ve seen that before the game, we could’ve avoided bringing him back, but I thought he gave us a real good chance to win and we didn’t think he was risking injury by going further with it and he didn’t.

“That’s why he was able to come back the next two weeks even healthier. But he re-did something in the Seattle game and it was bad… it ended up being worse than we thought.”

Garoppolo – a two-time Super Bowl champion – has completed 94 of 140 passes for 1,096 yards, seven touchdowns and five interceptions through six games this season.

In his career, the former New England Patriots QB has 659 completions for 8,042 yards, 51 touchdowns and 26 interceptions.

The 49ers (4-4), who are bottom of the NFC West, face the Green Bay Packers (5-2) on Thursday.