Jamal Adams declared the Seattle Seahawks have “the best defense in the league” and warned they have not yet hit top gear as they sealed the NFC West title on Sunday.

The Seahawks beat the second-placed Los Angeles Rams 20-9 to end a four-year wait to be crowned NFC West champions.

Seattle moved 11-4 after conceding just six points in the second half, Rams quarterback Jared Goff sacked three times and reportedly suffering a broken thumb at Lumen Field.

Seahawks safety Adams placed a cigar in front of him on the podium for his post-match media duties and said there is more to come from Pete Carroll’s side.

Adams said: “I don’t want to be too happy because I don’t want people to say he’s dramatic or he hasn’t been here before.

“You’re damn right I haven’t been here before, so, damn it, it feels good! It feels great!”

He added: “For everybody out there, they need to start putting respect on this defense’s name. Because this defense is playing lights out. And to me, we’re the best defense in the league. You can quote that. You can do what you want to do with it.”

Seattle have shipped just 15 points per game since the Buffalo Bills racked up 44 against them in Week 9.

Coach Carroll said: “There were times during the season where everybody had enough statistics to go ahead and blow us out, and like we weren’t worth anything on defense.

“But this defense is good, and they’ve shown it and they’ve declared it. This is the kind of defense that we’ve played in years past when we really had good teams down… the stretch.”

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson was 20-of-32 passing for 225 yards, a touchdown and no interceptions, while he also rushed for a TD on three carries.