Among the ways people seem to be entertaining themselves during the pandemic has been losing money betting on sports, primarily NFL football.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board reported Tuesday that the state had its most profitable sports betting month ever in November, when the state won $61.8 million, primarily on gamblers betting on the NFL.

CBS Sports reports that the $609.6 million wagered in November is not a record-breaking figure (down from $659.9 million wagered in October), but that the winning percentage of the state’s sportsbooks was 10.1 percent, which is significantly higher than the usual 5-6 percent.

Nevada is second only to New Jersey in terms of total money handled on sports gambling. New Jersey reported $931.6 million in sports bets in November, CBS Sports reported.

During the month of November in Nevada, bettors wagered $502 million on football, which was an all-time record, at least in part owing to November having five Sundays this year, and few other sports were in season.